Air Fryer Giveaway! Enter Now

We’re giving away this awesome Ninja Air Fryer!  Enter below today for your free chance to win this great cooking appliance that will transform how you cook.  Get crispy, fried food, without all the oil and mess.  It’s so versatile and healthy, you can cook just about anything!  Plus, it’s much faster than cooking in an oven – no need to wait for it to preheat and cooking time is really cut down.  Most foods are cooked in 10-15 minutes.  And cleaning an Air Fryer is a breeze with no greasy splatter to deal with.  Submit your email below for a chance to win!


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If you want all of the taste of delicious friend food with none of the oil (and guilt), you should enter for a chance to win this awesome giveaway. Air fryers are essentially little ovens that functions by circulating hot air rapidly, which gives the food that fried taste and feeling! All you have to do is take whatever food you’d like to fry — think chicken wings, french fries, and salmon — and place them into the air fryer’s basket, set the temperature, and time. That’s it — it’s incredible easy to use. Plus, if you’re someone who enjoy cooking, but often avoids it because you hate having to clean the mess, then you should totally enter for a chance to win this air fryer. It’s one of the easiest cooking items to clean. Try our delicious and healthy Eggplant Parm recipe or Chicken Saltimbocca with Air Fried Potatoes.