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We’re giving away a versatile Instant Pot Duo!  Enter below today for your free chance to win this amazing cooking appliance.  So many people have changed the way they cook with an Instant Pot.  It’s so much more than just a pressure cooker.  It’s safe, cooks slow-cooker meals in much less time and is easy to clean Submit your email below for a chance to win!

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There are many advantages to using an Instant Pot and you’ll love using it!  It’s more than just a pressure cooker.  You can sear meat, steam vegetables, make rice, bread and soup and so much more.  Make elaborate meals in just hours including tough cuts of meat, like brisket and ribs.  Cooking in an Instant Pot is fast!  Cut down cooking time by as much as 3 times.  Instant Pots are safe – it lets you know if the lid isn’t sealed, so you won’t burn yourself.  There are tons of settings for just about any food or dish you can think of.  And there are so many recipes that others have tried and perfected.  Another advantage is that it’s super easy to clean and maintain.  WIth an Instant Pot you can open up your world of cooking with ease and convenience.

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