About Us

We are a brother- and sister-in-law duo, established in 2008 when Bill married Catherine’s sister. Since then, we’ve shared many holidays, birthday parties, and other events where family and friends were excited to learn that Bill was doing the cooking and Catherine was doing the baking. Bill’s kids love Aunt Catherine’s goodies! And Catherine’s picky children seem to have no problem devouring Uncle Bill’s homemade dinners. 
Fast forward to 2020: We’re teaming up to bring you Sweets & Savory. Our mission is to give our followers fun, creative, and tasty ways to express themselves and amaze others in the kitchen. Catherine will share the sweets and Bill handles the savory, though there will be some crossover from time to time!
We enjoy it, we’re good and it, and we’re so excited to share our creativity with our new and expanding online community!