Thai Seafood Curry

I love Thai Food…. This is one of my “go-to” favorites.  The coconut milk balances out the heat of the Thai Chili Peppers….  You can adjust this recipe to use just about any protein or go entirely vegetarian and just use hardy vegetables that can stand up to the curry.

I like to cook my protein separately to make sure it’s cooked just right.  For this recipe I focused on fresh seafood and farm fresh egg plant!  


2 Roasted Eggplants – I used one white and 1 purple 

1 Tomato

2 Ears Farm Fresh Corn

12 Shrimp

2 Lobster tails

8-10 Scallops


12 Clams

2 Shallots

Bunch Radish Sprouts

Bunch Green Onion 

Cup of Flour

4 Bulbs Garlic

4 Thumbs of Ginger

2 Lemongrass Stalks  

Few Lime kaffir leaves if you can find them. If not, you can use some lime zest 

Bunch of Cilantro

Bunch of Thai Basil 

Few Red Chilies

Few Thai Green Chillies 

Teaspoon of Fish Sauce

Dried Gangal, White peppercorns, Salt

White Peppercorn 

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Start by roughly chopping few bulbs of garlic, ginger, lemongrass, lime zest or kaffir leaves, shallots, Chili, green onion, Thai basil, cilantro, 3 teaspoons of fish sauce, and blend in food processor with avocado or grape seed oil.  Set aside.

Split lobster tails and dredge seafood in seasoned flour.  Set Aside

In pot heat some coconut oil onion, garlic, ginger, dried spices, sauté until fragrant.  Add clams to pot once hot. Add some cooking wine and steam open.  Remove and set aside as soon as they open.  

Once clams are done drop in curry form food processor and cook down until fragrant and soft.  At this point you may want to add some chicken or vegetable broth.  Cook for about 10-15 minutes at a medium heat.  Then lower heat and stir in coconut milk.  At this point I like to use immersion blender to make the curry silky and smooth.. 

At this point while that is simmering cook your seafood in separate pan using coconut oil and grape seed oil combo.  I cook them in separate batches and set aside. 

Now time to plate with some jasmine rice, seafood medley, roasted eggplant, corn, fresh Thai basil, mint, radish sprouts and cilantro.  At this point you can ladle in green Thai curry and enjoy! 

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